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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Victorian New Years Eve Party Image


This is such a cool illustration of a time long past but even back then you had that one guy at the party hitting on all the girls and getting into their personal space.  Just click on the image to go to my flickr page and choose the size you would like.

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Nook Blue Doodle Design Cover

This is a nook cover that I designed from a doodle that I was doing. 
 I thought it came out really fun and whimsical.  
If you want to find out more about it just click on the image.

Happy New Year Kittens Victorian Image to Download

Here's a fun image of two kittens playing with what looks to be a slot machine wishing Happy New Year.  You can click on the image to go to my flickr account and get the size you would like.  


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