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Friday, March 22, 2013

Free Retro Vintage 1950s Housewife Printable

I always find the illustrations from the 1950s so funny as it portrayed a idealistic lifestyle that probably was never experienced by anyone in the 50s.   I think this was expecially true for women and the representation of women in the 1950s.  Being a stay at home wife and mother is a very noble career as I have made the choice to be one myself, but the expectations and standards seemed so crazy and unattainable to me.  I can't imagine have a big breakfast on the table everyone morning, getting the kids and the husband off to school and work, then cleaning, cooking, shopping, washing, having snacks ready for the kids when they get home, from school, cocktails ready for hubby with his slippers and paper when he walks in the door, fancy sit down dinners, everynight, then cleaning it all up all while doing this in my freshly pressed dress, with my pearls, my hose on with the seams lines straight and perfect, my cone bra and girdle holding everying perfectly in place, finishing the look with a pretty apron, of course weaing my 3 inch sling back heels.  So here's a fun printable of the perfect ladies that I will never live up to!