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Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's August and it's Vacation Time...

For me the Summer has always been about vacation time at the beach, especially the month of August.  I was extremely lucky to have had grandparents who owned a house on Rehobeth Bay and we spent many a dog day in August doing all kinds of fun things like fishing, swimming, crabbing, and of course waterskiing.  I remember how hard it was learning how to get up on skis.  It took more than a few nosefuls of water before I was finally able to get the whole way up.  I remember the sense of excitement and pride when I took my first tour around the bay up on skis.  I felt like a aquamaid from the Cypress garden show in Flordia.  So in honor of those special summer memories I'm giving out for my freebie today a vintage postcard of the real Cypress Gardens aquamaids.  I'm also including a link for the Gogo's video of their hit Vacation.  Definiely an oldie but goodie from my generation!  So enjoy these last few weeks of Summer before we head into fall!


Wanna watch the Gogos' video Vacation?  just click on the album

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